Mission & Values


The Ohio Civil Rights Commission is the primary educator and enforcer of Ohio's Laws Against Discrimination. We strive to be professional, competent and fair to our clients and all Ohio citizens as we educate the public and investigate claims of discrimination. It is our responsibility to be a strong force in promoting positive human relations among our diverse population. We value employees for commitment, skills and creativity. We provide a work environment based on empowerment, respect for others and honesty. We create a culture where daily learning is valued and opportunities for professional growth and training are provided. We incorporate technological innovations and processes in achieving our mission.

Core Values

Public Service - We are committed to educating and serving in a professional and effective manner.  Quality service will be accomplished by using skilled and motivated employees who are responsive to our constituents' needs.

Dedication - We will demonstrate our commitment to public service by being responsible, dependable and proactive professionals.  We will maintain pride and excellence in fulfilling our mission.

Teamwork - We will empower our employees to achieve a quality work product and harmonious workplace through open communication, positive interaction and a spirit of cooperation.

Respect - We respect the diversity, talents and ideas of all OCRC employees, our most valued resources.  We honor the right of every employee and the public to contribute, to be heard and to be treated with dignity.

Integrity - We pledge to fulfill our duties and responsibilities in a fair and impartial manner.  We will be honest and trustworthy in our relationships with one another and with the public.