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When a charge of discrimination is filed with the OCRC, each party to the charge will be

provided with the opportunity to participate in the mediation services offered in each of

our regional offices. The decision to participate is completely voluntary; however, both

parties must be willing to participate in order to proceed with this option. If one party

does not consent to participate in the mediation process, the case will be assigned to an

Investigator for investigation.

If both parties agree to participate, the mediation will be scheduled and conducted

within a 45-day time period. During the mediation, both parties will have the

opportunity to explain their position and provide suggestions for reaching a resolution.

The goal of the mediation process is not intended to be a hearing to determine whether

or not a violation of Ohio’s Laws Against Discrimination has occurred.

The Mediator will work with both parties to reach a mutually satisfactory

settlement/agreement. Settlement agreements are not intended to be reflective of the

merits of the case. Any agreement reached during the mediation procedure is binding

upon the parties.

If a settlement/agreement is not reached, the mediator will refer the case for