As the chief enforcers of Ohio's laws against discrimination, we bear the burden, all together, of ending racism in the places where we work, in the places where we live, in all places of public accommodation, in credit lending, and most importantly in our hearts.  Each day, the Ohio Civil Rights Commission receives and investigates hundreds of allegations of racism. We see first-hand the pain and hardship that racism can render -- the lost wages, homes, and dignity that result. 

OCRC Commissioners and staff believe that racism of any kind has no place in our lives.  We believe it is our great privilege and responsibility to contribute to the eradication of racism and we applaud the nationwide movement joining this cause. 

As a state and a community, let us build on this movement to make long-lasting progress against racism. The Ohio Civil Rights Commission will not let this moment pass without action. In the words of Governor DeWine, "we must come together to try to solve these historic injustices."  OCRC will act in collaboration with our community partners and sister agencies in every way possible to help turn this moment and this movement into lasting change.