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Administrative Law Judge Decisions

Every year, the Commission’s Administrative Law Judge holds hearings on some charges filed with the agency where Probable Cause has been found, and voluntary conciliation of the charge has not been successful. After each hearing, the Administrative Law Judge then prepares a report and recommendation for the Commissioners on the case, which can then be approved, rejected or modified by the Commission before issuing their final order.

Administrative Law Judge Reports that have been accepted by the Commissioners can be accessed by scrolling down to the interactive table below.


YearSorted By Year In Descending OrderComp No.Case TypeCase - Charging Party v. RespondentBasisALJ RecomRec. IssuedFinal OrderReport Doc
202117-HOU-CLE-43592HOUJody Hayes v. B & P WEB Properties, LLC and Brian HeineDisab., retal., RA, evictCease and Desist, Actual Damages, Civil Penalties, Training8/28/20199/30/202143592.pdf
202119-HOU-COL-46168HOURobin Pickell v. Albert BraySex, retal, SHE, interfereCease and Desist, Actual Damages, Civil Penalties, Training, ATTY Fees1/6/20217/22/202146168.pdf
202119-EMP-AKR-39574EMPMatthew Smucker v. Wayne County Commissioners’ OfficeRetal., PromotionCease and Desist, Promotion, Lost Wages, Training4/27/20218/19/202139574.pdf
202119-HOU-TOL-39069HOUJasmaine Barry v. Roy and Tamara JacksonDisab., RA-ESADismiss10/30/20205/27/202139069.pdf
202019-EMP-CLE-39962 EMPChristine J. Clark v. Pro Touch Lawn Care LLCRetal.; termCease and desist; backpay; training; draft Employee Handbook11/17/20201/13/202239962.pdf
202019-EMP-DAY-26521EMPHeather Fugate v. Abbott Laboratories dba Abbott NutritionSex, retal; HWE, TermDismiss5/13/202012/17/202026521.pdf
202019-HOU-AKR-39402HOUDonna Sargeant v. V.T. Larney Ltd., Equity Management, LLC and Vince T. LarneyDisab., Familial Status, T&C, RACease and Desist, Actual Damages, Civil Penalties, Training, ATTY Fees10/30/20205/27/202139402.pdf
202018-EMP-DAY-26923EMPJessica Walker v. Ohio National Financial Services, Inc.Retal., termDismiss8/5/202012/17/202026923.pdf
202018-HOU-DAY-26907HOUMcKayla Anderson v. Magna Properties LTDDisab., RA-ESACease and Desist, Actual Damages, Civil Penalties, Training, ATTY Fees9/23/20203/11/202126907-.pdf
202018-HOU-DAY-26629HOUJames Coolidge v. Jill C. SyphritFamilial Status, T&C, Term of TenancyCease and Desist, Actual Damages, Civil Penalties, Training, ATTY Fees8/27/20196/4/202026629.pdf
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