Training Requests

We are dedicated to helping businesses and organizations promote a tolerant and effective working environment. The Ohio Civil Rights Commission provides training at no cost and would welcome the opportunity to work with you.  To begin scheduling a training, please fill out the form below or call (614) 644-0244. 

Training Request Form

Please mark all of the subjects that you would like the training to cover. This list is just our most common training requests. If you would like another type of training, please choose "Other" and include details in the "Notes" section of this form.

Please provide the name of the company, organization, or group to receive the training and the nature of its work.
Please provide the preferred location for the training. Include the city and county in Ohio.
Please provided training length preferences or restrictions. If you do not have any preferences or restrictions, please write "flexible."
Please provide the best estimate of how many people will attend the training.
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Please provide the name of the person whom we should contact.
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